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Category: Trauma/PTSD | Subcategory: Professional/Educator/Parent

101 Trauma-Informed Interventions
Curran, Linda
$ 53.95

55 Favorite Healing Activities For Children
McGee, Sharon A/ Holmes,
$ 56.95

8 Keys to Brain Body Balance
Robert Scaer
$ 28.95

Adolescent & Young Adult Self-Harming Treatment Manual
Selekman, Matthew
$ 47.95

Attachment-Based Yoga & Meditation for Trauma Recovery
$ 53.95

Becoming Trauma Informed
Greaves, Dr. Lorraine Et Al
$ 39.95

Body Remembers Casebook: Unifying Methods and Models in the Treatment of Trauma and PTSD
Rothschild, Babette
$ 31.95

Body Remembers: The Psychophysiology of Trauma and Trauma Treatment
Rothschild, Babette
$ 50.00

Bright Red Scream: Self-Mutilation and the Language of Pain
Strong, Marilee
$ 24.00

Childhood Disrupted
Nakazawa, Donna Jackson
$ 22.99

Clinical Exercises for Treating Traumatic Stress in Children & Adolescents (Top 10 Bestsellers)
Damion J Grasso
$ 64.95

Compassion Fatigue Workbook
Mathieu, Francoise
$ 76.95

Complex and Traumatic Loss
Froma Walsh
$ 65.95

Complex PTSD Treatment Manual
Arielle Schwartz
$ 41.95

Coping With Sexual Abuse Workbook: Facilitator Reproducible Guided Self-Exploration Activities
John Liptak & Ester Leutenberg
$ 57.95

Coping with Trauma Related Dissociation (Top 10 Bestsellers)
Kathy Steele
$ 65.95

Creating a Healthy Balanced Life
Ester / Negley,
$ 72.95

Steven Levenkron
$ 22.95

Emotional Inheritance
Galit Atlas
$ 34.00

Escaping Emotional Abuse

$ 22.95

Finding Life Beyond Trauma
Victoria Follette
$ 46.50

Freedom From Self-Harm
Gratz, Kim
$ 40.95

Good Morning, Monster
Catherine Gildiner
$ 26.95

Haunted Self: Structural Dissociation and the Treatment of Chronic Traumatization
Van Der Hart, Onno/ Hart,
$ 63.95

Healing Collective Trauma
Thomas HĂĽbl
$ 33.99

Healing Developmental Trauma
Laurence / Lapierre,
$ 29.95

Healing from Trauma
Cori, Jasmin Lee/ Scaer,
$ 23.99

Healing the Traumatized Self
Frewen, Paul, Lanius, Ruth
$ 65.99

Help for the Helper
Babette Rothschild
$ 38.99

Helping Abused and
Traumatized Children
Gil, Eliana
$ 42.95

Helping Kids Heal: 75 Activities to Help Children Recover from Trauma and Loss
Carman, Rebecca
$ 59.95

Helping Them Heal
Peterson, Karen
$ 29.95

Hidden Self-harm Narratives From Psychotherapy (Web Specials)
Turp, Maggie
$ 43.95
$ 26.35

Implementing Trauma- and Violence-Informed Care
Edited by C. Nadine Wathen & Colleen Varcoe
$ 44.95

Improving Sensory Processing in Traumatized Children
Lloyd, Sarah
$ 23.95

Living Legacy of Trauma Flip Chart
Dr. Janina Fisher
$ 64.95

Loving Someone with Anxiety
Thieda, Kate N.
$ 26.95

Managing Trauma Workbook
John Liptak & Ester Leutenberg
$ 72.95

Managing Trauma Workbook for Teens
John Liptak & Ester Leutenberg
$ 72.95

Mindfulness & Meditation in Trauma Treatment
Lynn C. Waelde
$ 56.95

Mindfulness Skills for Trauma and PTSD
Rachel Goldsmith Turow
$ 36.95

No Bad Parts (Trauma) (Top 10 Bestsellers)
Dr. Richard C. Schwartz
$ 26.99

Pocket Guide to Sensorimotor Psychotherapy
Pat Ogden
$ 39.95

Pocket Guide to the Polyvagal Theory (Top 10 Bestsellers)
Porges, Stephen W
$ 39.95

Posttraumatic Growth Workbook

$ 35.95

Posttraumatic Play In Children
Gil, Eliana
$ 34.95

Psychosocial Capacity Building in Response to Disasters (Web Specials)
Miller, Joshua
$ 32.00
$ 19.20

PTSD Workbook (3rd Ed)
Williams, Mary Beth
$ 41.95

PTSD Workbook for Teens
Libbi Palmer
$ 32.95

Reaching and Teaching Children Exposed to Trauma
Sorrels, Barbara
$ 32.95

Responding to Student Trauma: A Toolkit for Schools in Times of Crisis
Filio, Stephanie
$ 37.95

Rethinking Trauma Treatment
Courtney Armstrong
$ 33.95

Revolutionary Trauma Release Process (Web Specials)
Berceli, David/ Scaer, Ro
$ 26.95
$ 16.15

Science of Making Friends (with DVD)
Laugeson, Elizabeth
$ 36.00

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy
Ogden, Pat
$ 73.00

Sexual Trauma Workbook for Teen Girls
Raychelle Cassada Lohmann
$ 28.95

Signs Of Safety
Turnell, Andrew/ Edwards,
$ 47.95

Supporting and Educating Traumatized Students: A Guide for School-Based Professionals
Rossen, Eric / Hull, Robert
$ 115.95

The Body Bears the Burden (3rd Edition)
Scaer, Robert
$ 76.95

The Body Never Lies: The Lingering Effects of Cruel Parenting
Miller, Alice/ Jenkins, A
$ 22.95

The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog (3rd Edition)
Perry, Bruce
$ 24.99

Therapeutic Yoga for Trauma Recovery
Arielle Schwartz
$ 41.95

Transcending Trauma: Healing Complex PTSD with Internal Family Systems
Frank Anderson
$ 42.95

Trauma and Attachment: Over 150 Attachment-Based Interventions to Heal Trauma
Christina Reese
$ 50.95

Trauma and Memory
Dr. Peter Levine
$ 28.50

Trauma and Recovery (Revised)
Herman, Judith
$ 25.95

Trauma and the Body
Ogden, Pat
$ 65.95

Trauma Informed Practices with Children and Adolescents
William / Malchiodi,
Cathy A.
$ 77.95

Trauma is Really Strange
Haines, Steve
$ 15.95

Trauma Through A Child's Eyes
Peter Levine & Maggie Kline
$ 33.95

Trauma Treatment in Action
Varleisha Gibbs
$ 41.95

Trauma-Focused ACT (New)
Russ Harris
$ 89.95

Trauma-focused CBT for Children and Adolescents
Judith A/ Mannarino,
Anthony P
$ 40.95

Trauma-Sensitive Schools for the Adolescent Years: Promoting Resiliency and Healing
Susan E Craig | Jim Sporleder
$ 51.95

Treating Complex Traumatic Stress Disorders in Children and Adolescents
Julian D Ford/ Christine A. Courtois
$ 50.95

Treating Self-Destructive Behaviors in Trauma Survivors (2nd Edition)
Ferentz, Lisa
$ 59.95

Treating Trauma and Addiction with the Felt Sense Polyvagal Model: A Bottom-Up Approach
Winhall, Jan
$ 54.95

Treating Trauma in Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Melanie S. Harned
$ 67.95

Treating Trauma Related Dissociation
Suzette / Steele,
Kathy / Van Der Hart,
$ 75.99

Treating Traumatic Stress in Children and Adolescents
Blaustein, Margaret
$ 69.95

Treatment of Complex Trauma
$ 40.95

Using Trauma-Focused Therapy Stories
Pernicano, Pat
$ 64.95

Working with Self-Harming Adolescents
Matthew D. Selekman
$ 28.95

Your Life After Trauma
Rosenthal, Michele
$ 27.95

Total Items: 84

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