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Category: Education/Classroom | Subcategory: Grades 7 to 12

A Teen's Guide to Getting Stuff Done
Jennifer Shannon
$ 23.95

Bounce Back Board Game (teen)

$ 82.95

Character Poster Laminated

$ 19.95

ColorCards Personal Relationships (Special Order)
$ 64.95

ColorCards: Emotions (Special Order)
$ 64.95

Conflict Resolution Bingo Teen

$ 58.95

Create a Culture of Kindness in Middle School
Drew, Naomi
$ 59.95

DBT Skills in Schools Emotional Problem-Solving for Teens)
James J/ Dexter-Mazza,
Elizabeth T
$ 66.95

Dealing With The Stuff That Makes Life Tough Teen Girls & Stress
Rutledge, Jill Zimmerman
$ 28.95

Dream Up Now: The Teen Journal
Rayne Lacko
$ 23.95

Empowering Underrepresented Gifted Students: Perspectives from the Field
Joy Lawson Davis
$ 59.95

Fighting Invisible Tigers (4th Edition)
Earl Hipp
$ 21.95

Fluent Reader Word Recognition & Comprehension (Web Specials) (2nd Ed.)
Rasinski, Timothy V
$ 36.99

Forbidden Island Cooperative Game

$ 39.95

Gifted Teen Survival Guide

$ 21.95

Growth Mindset Workbook for Kids

$ 20.95

Helping School-Refusing Children and Their Parents
Christopher Kearney
$ 40.95

Making Sense Of Adolescence - DVD (DVD)
Gordon Neufeld
$ 165.00

Merrell's Strong Teens--Grades 9-12 (2nd Ed)
Laura L/Gueldner,
Barbara A
$ 60.95

Mindset Power: A Kid's Guide to Growing Better Every Day

$ 20.95

Mindsets in the Classroom:
Ricci, Mary Cay
$ 31.95

One Without the Other:
(Diversity & Inclusion)
Moore, Shelley
$ 21.00

Positive Discipline Tools for Teachers
Nelsen, Jane
$ 23.00

Powerful Readers (For Secondary Classroom)
Gear, Adrienne/Hadden, Kyla
$ 24.95

Pulling Together Classroom Collaboration
$ 24.95

Ready-To-Use Resources For Mindsets In The Classroom
Ricci, Mary Cay
$ 35.95

Resilience Workbook for Teens
Cheryl M. Bradshaw
$ 24.95

RTI in Middle and High Schools
Bender, William N
$ 40.50

RTI in Middle School Classrooms (Web Specials)
Elizabeth/ Esteves,
$ 40.95

RTI Strategies for Secondary Teachers

$ 47.95

Self-Help Guide for Teens
with Dyslexia:
Winton, Alais
$ 23.95

Show Me the Data!: Data Based Instructional Decisions Made Simple and Easy
Leon-Guerrero, Rinamarie S
$ 38.95

Simplifying Reponse to Intervention (Web Specials)
Austin; Mattos,
Mike; Weber,
$ 37.50

Skillstreaming The Adolescent
Ellen McGinnis & Arnold Goldstein
$ 72.95

Smart Teens' Guide to Living with Intensity
Rivero, Lisa
$ 26.95

Stress Can Mess With You
Rubenstein, Franklin
$ 23.95

Stress Can Really Get on Your Nerves
Romain, Trevor
$ 16.50

Struggling Readers Instruction Strategies
Rog, Lori Jamison
$ 24.95

Survival Guides (Ages 8-14) (Series - Pre-teen/Teen)

$ 185.00

Talk About It! Teen Communication Games

$ 89.95

Talkabout Cards - Self Awareness Activities
$ 49.95

Teaching Twice-Exceptional Learners in Today's Classroom
Emily Kircher-Morris
$ 59.95

Teen - Mental Health & Life Skills Facilitator (Series - Pre-teen/Teen)

$ 895.00

Teen - Transitional Life Skills (Series - Pre-teen/Teen)
Ester Leutenberg/John Liptak
$ 650.00

Teen Communication Skills Workbook (Spiral Bound)
John Liptak
$ 69.95

Teens Accept and Embrace Diversity
Ester/ Butler,
$ 69.95

Teens Discovering Identity and Moving Toward Independence
Ester/ Butler,
$ 69.95

Teens Managing Life's Expectations

$ 69.95

Teens Relationships with People, Places and Things
Ester/ Butler,
$ 69.95

The Dyslexia Checklist: A Practical Reference for Parents and Teachers
Rief, Sandra
$ 25.95

The Social Media Workbook for Teens
Goali Saedi Bocci
$ 31.95

The Struggle to Be Strong
Al Desetta | Sybil Wolin
$ 23.50

Tomboy Survival Guide
Ivan Coyote
$ 19.95

Traits of Writing (Web Specials)
Culham, Ruth/Rief, Linda
$ 40.99

What Do You Really Want? Teens & Goals (Revised and updated)
Beverly K. Bachel
$ 22.50

What Do You Stand For? For Teens
Barbara A Lewis
$ 30.95

Why Didn't They Just Say That?
Peerspective - ASD Curriculum
Schmidt, Jennifer
$ 32.95

Worry Taming For Teens
Dr. Jane Garland And Dr. Sandra Clark
$ 16.00

Writing Power
Gear, Adrienne
$ 28.95

Writing Thief (Web Specials)
Ruth Culham
$ 37.95

Total Items: 60

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