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Better Boundaries Guided Journal (New)

      $ 29.95

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Your space to explore what it is you want and need, and to practice setting healthy boundaries in all aspects of life. Do you have trouble saying "no," or often sacrifice your well-being to satisfy the needs of others? If you feel overly responsible for others,worry about letting people down, or have difficulty speaking up for yourself, you may not know how to set healthy personal boundaries. Healthy boundaries are essential to our well-being, and can protect us from toxic relationships, abuse, and burnout. Despite this, many people struggle to honor their own needs. From the author of The Better Boundaries Workbook comes this first-of-its-kind guided journal, where you can freely explore your needs and wishes, and the expectations of others. By following a series of simple writing prompts, you’ll bolster your communication skills and learn to establish and maintain better boundaries in all aspects of life. Write down your thoughts and feelings without feeling judged or criticized. As you work through the writing exercises, you’ll be able to practice asserting yourself and building the boundaries that will not only protect you, but empower you to thrive. If putting others’ needs first is negatively impacting your life and well-being, and you are ready to focus on your own happiness and peace of mind, pick up this journal and write your way to healthy boundaries, improved confidence, and your full potential.

Category: Life Skills/Social Skills
Subcategory: Adults/Parents
Series: Communication Skills
Author: Sharon Martin

Publication Date: 01-06-2024
ISBN: 9781648482755
Pages: 168

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