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Better In Every Sense (New)

      $ 39.00

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How the New Science of Sensation Can Help You Reclaim Your Life
Break out of negative patterns, relieve anxiety, build new habits, and find fresh motivation by using the groundbreaking "sense foraging" technique How do you make a change in your life when the tools you used to rely on start letting you down? Whether we’re struggling with a problem, a bad habit, or life in general, we often think we need to “tough it out” or “try harder.” But when we do that, our brains double down on the patterns that got us stuck in the first place. Fortunately, the science of sensation provides the key. In Better in Every Sense, neuroscientist Norman Farb and clinical psychologist Zindel Segal explain that the brain has two networks—the rapid problem-solving (habit) network and the sensory network, which is devoted to fresh insight. By tuning into sensations—from the feeling of our feet on a crowded street to the sound of birdsong in the park—we can engage the sensory network. When we’re stressed or stuck, we can use the technique of "sense foraging" to boost our resilience, well-being, health, and creativity wherever we are. Grounded in decades of scientific research and filled with simple exercises and practical mental techniques, Better in Every Sense explores the power of sensory experiences to liberate us from ruts and dead ends—and handle all of life’s challenges.

Category: Health/Wellness/Illness
Series: Brain Science
Author: Norman Farb & Zindel Segal

Publication Date: 24-01-2024
ISBN: 9780316434430
Pages: 288
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