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Ark's Textured Grabber: Lavender

      $ 11.95

As a mouthing tool, ARK's Grabber provides an excellent opportunity for the mouth to play through jaw movement, tongue movement, and oral exploration. The chewy, resilient material can help with oral defensiveness and food aversions by de-sensitizing the mouth and introducing it to new textures that simulate the textures of real food. It is also a safe and durable alternative to tooth-grinding and/or chewing on hazardous non-food items. All Textured Grabbers are sturdily constructed out of FDA-compliant medical grade materials and are safe to use. None of the oral tools available through us contain lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, or latex, ensuring they will be safe for oral use.

Category: Sensory Processing Therapy
Subcategory: Oral Motor
Series: Autism/Asperger


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