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Asperger's, Autism & Girls (DVD)

      $ 64.95

This DVD offers the most comprehensive presentation yet of the characteristics and reasons why female Aspies fall under the radar in their diagnosis. Dr. Attwood covers everything from their ability to camouflage and mimic social behaviors to hide their social confusion to ways their condition may be identified through their unique interests and behaviors. He also argues that girls with Asperger's often are misdiagnosed, resulting in their not getting the help they need for what is often typical of their condition: low self esteem, depression (often clinical depression); unhealthy excessive weight loss or gain among other things. He focuses on their attributes and the importance of a diagnosis so they can understand the "why" of who they are. With that, they can develop an appreciation of their differences, which are not less than their neurotypical peers - just different.

Category: Autism/Asperger
Subcategory: Children and Adolescents
Series: Professional/Educator/Parent

Publication Date: 01-02-2012
ISBN: 9781935274575

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