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Autistic Spectrum Disorder Links

ACT - Autism Community Training
This non-profit offers information and training for parents, professionals, and para-professionals. Provides online videos, live events and provincial workshop training. The site hosts a Registry of Autism Service Providers (RASP) providing information on qualified professionals (including Behavior Consultants, Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists and more) in cities throughout British Columbia.

ACT Information Officers are available to provide support in English, Mandarin, Cantonese & Punjabi.

Autism Canada Foundation
Autism Canada Foundation is a national, volunteer led organization, providing treatment and resource information to families living with autism, and influencing related health care and government policy.

Autism Society Canada
Autism Society Canada works across the country to reduce the impact of ASDs on individuals and their families. They support universally accessible ASD treatment and services, as well as the implementation of national surveillance, and better funding for ASD research. These improvements will create better lives and opportunities for all Canadian children and adults affected by autism and Aspergers.

Autism Speaks
Autism Speaks has grown into the world's leading autism science and advocacy organization, dedicated to funding research into the causes, prevention, treatments and a cure for autism; increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders; and advocating for the needs of individuals with autism and their families. (USA)

Canucks Autism Network
The Canucks Autism Network (CAN) provides year-round, innovative, high quality sports, recreational, social and employment related programs for individuals and families living with autism, while building awareness and capacity through community networks across British Columbia. The CAN team consists of a diverse group of trained staff, support workers and dedicated volunteers who administer programs for families and individuals living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in our province. (British Columbia)

Okanagan Family Autism Connection
This parent-led, volunteer initiative called the “Okanagan Family Autism Connection”. These dedicated individuals make time to provide hope and build a community of support between parents and professionals. They have created a directory of resources and step-by-step instructions on “what to do now; where to get help and who to call. For updated information on services and events in the Okanagan and other parts of province, this is a wonderful resource. With a Facebook page and discussion forums, parents, families, and friends can find like-minded people who “get it." You can post your own questions, provide answers for some you may have insight on, and continue this community dedicated to helping each other make life a little easier for those with ASD.

Society for Treatment of Autism (STA)
Society for Treatment of Autism (STA) is an Alberta-based registered charitable organization providing comprehensive treatment and educational services for people with autism and related disorders. STA offers quality support, consultation and educational services for families and communities in Alberta. (Alberta, Canada)

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