Trauma & Memory

Trauma & Memory
Brain & Body in a Search for the Living Past

Practical Guide for Understanding and Working with Traumatic Memory


ISBN: 9781583949948 (2015)
206 Pages
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While much work has been done in the field of trauma studies to address “explicit” traumatic memories in the brain (such as intrusive thoughts or flashbacks), much less attention has been paid to how the body itself stores “implicit” memory, and how much of what we think of as “memory” actually comes to us through our (often unconsciously accessed) felt sense. By learning how to better understand this complex interplay of past and present, brain and body, we can adjust our relationship to past trauma and move into a more balanced, relaxed state of being. Written for trauma sufferers as well as mental health care practitioners, Trauma and Memory is a ground-breaking look at how memory is constructed and how influential memories are on our present state of being.


Your Life After Trauma

Your Life After Trauma

Powerful Practices To Reclaim Your Identity

Michele Rosenthal

If you suffer from trauma or PTSD, whether from a single-incident like a car accident, or from chronic childhood abuse, domestic violence, illness, or war trauma, you understand how it hijacks your identity. This practical recovery workbook was written by a professional who spent many of her younger years healing from a life-altering trauma. Filled with exercises, self-assessment questionnaires, tips, and tools, it takes readers through the process of understanding some of the brain science behind trauma to learning both how to heal, and how to realize the potential you still have to become who you want to become.  Readers learn that it is possible to regain a sense of calm, confidence, and control on the road to recovery.

ISBN: 9780393709001
Page: 272
Retail Price at ODIN BOOKS: $27.95

The Sexual Trauma Workbook for Teen Girls

The Sexual Trauma Workbook for Teen Girls

A Guide to Recovery from Sexual Assault and Abuse

RC Lohmann, S Raja

This book offers healing, real-life stories from survivors and powerful, evidence-based tools to help you reclaim your life after sexual abuse or trauma.  Included are practical and proven-effective strategies and exercises to help promote emotional healing and reclaim your sense of self.

Ages: 13-19
ISBN: 9781626253995 
Page: 200
Retail Price at ODIN BOOKS: $23.95

Obstruction of Justice

Obstruction of Justice

Highway of Tears

Ray Michalko

“The Highway of Tears” is a lonely seven hundred kilometer stretch of road that winds through the Coast Mountains wilderness of British Columbia. Over the last four decades nine young women have been murdered or gone missing from this remote highway. All but one were Aboriginal. To date not one case has been solved.  Fueled by frustration with the police’s inability to solve any of these crimes, inspired by the belief that someone somewhere knew something, and driven by his inexplicable personal commitment, ex-RCMP turned private eye Ray Michalko embarked on a life altering journey to unlock the secrets of these cases and, in the process, discovered as much about the crimes as he did the reasons they’ve gone unsolved.

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Journey to the Heart of Being Human

Daniel J. Siegel

This is an exploration of what neuroscience can teach us about it—how the mind differs from consciousness and how we know who we really are. He explores the nature of the who, how, what, why and when of your mind—of your self—from the perspective of neuroscience. Mind captures the essence of our true nature, our deepest sense of being alive, here, right now, in this moment. How science explains it is one of the most exciting journeys into knowledge we can take.

ISBN: 9780393710533
Page: 400
Retail Price at ODIN BOOKS: $35.95

Journey to Healing

Journey to Healing:
Aboriginal People with Addiction & Mental Health Issues

What Health, Social Service and Justice Workers Need to Know

Lynn Lavallee, Peter Menzies Jr.

This practical, evidence-based resource was written to help provide counseling & social services to Aboriginal people in urban, rural, and isolated settings. Each chapter focuses on a specific topic and many of the authors are Aboriginal. These respected experts share their insight, wisdom, and experience in addiction and mental health issues in Aboriginal populations.

ISBN: 9781771141598
Page: 480
Retail Price at ODIN BOOKS: $99.95

It Didn’t Start with You

It Didn’t Start with You

How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle

Mark Wolynn

There is now compelling evidence that traumatic experience can be passed down through generations. Original traumas may be silenced or forgotten but memory and feelings live on, encoded in everything from gene expression to everyday language. Pathways to reconnection, integration, and reclamation are created through diagnostic self-inventories, genograms, visualization and dialogue.

ISBN: 9781101980385
Page: 256
Retail Price at ODIN BOOKS: $23

The Body Keeps the Score

The Body Keeps the Score

Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

Bessel Van Der Kolk

Divided into five sections, the book includes insight into how he came to study trauma and its effects on both body and mind. With stories from veterans of war, insight into the use of EMDR and Yoga, he offers something for everyone. An entire section, “Paths to Recovery” provides ways and means of accessing and finding ways to heal from trauma.

ISBN: 9780143127741
page: 464
Retail Price at ODIN BOOKS $24.00

101 Trauma-Informed Interventions

101 Trauma-Informed Interventions

Activities, Exercises and Assignments to Move the Client and Therapy

Linda A. Curran

This workbook provides 101 approaches for clinicians to effectively deal with trauma. Useful in group and individual therapy sessions, these interventions offer a wide array of treatments in a single, concise resource. For beginning and experienced therapists, the tools and techniques contained in this manual provide hope and healing as well as expanding the resource toolbox available to clinicians.

ISBN: 9781936128426
Page: 246
Retail Price at ODIN BOOKS $42.95