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$ 16.00
Make Play ROCK: Put Pretending into Your Child’s Play
Put Pretending into Your Child’s Play is the third ... Read more

$ 21.50
Plan B: Empowering the Single Parent . . . to Benefit their Child with Autism
Plan B will help you to make your own ... Read more

$ 36.95
1001 Great Ideas For Teaching And Raising Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders
Expanded 2nd Edition. More than 600 fresh ideas join ... Read more

$ 20.95
101 Tips for the Parents of Boys with Autism:
The Most Crucial Things You Need to Know About ... Read more

$ 20.95
101 Tips for the Parents of Girls with Autism:
The Most Crucial Things You Need to Know About ... Read more

$ 31.95
The Adolescent and Adult Neuro-Diversity Handbook
The Adolescent and Adult Neuro-Diversity Handbook is a handy ... Read more

$ 17.00
Adolescents On The Autism Spectrum:
A Parent's Guide To The Cognitive, Social, Physical, And ... Read more

$ 27.50
Adults On The Autism Spectrum Leave The Nest:
Achieving Supported Independence. Children on the autism spectrum often grow ... Read more

$ 20.95
All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome
All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome takes a playful look ... Read more

$ 21.95
Alone Together: Making An Asperger Marriage Work
Communication is one of the biggest challenges faced by ... Read more

$ 28.95
Art as an Early Intervention Tool for Children With Autism
"Art as an Early Intervention Tool for Children with ... Read more

$ 24.95
Artistic Autistic Colouring Book
Enter a world of order, detail and precision through ... Read more

$ 41.95
Asperger Couple's Workbook:
Practical Advice And Activities For Couples And Counsellors. With candid ... Read more

$ 23.95
Asperger Marriage
Chris and Gisela have been partners for twelve years. ... Read more

$ 26.95
Asperger Meets Girl:
Happy Endings For Asperger Boys. Men with Asperger's Syndrome, young ... Read more

$ 30.95
Asperger Syndrome (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and Long-Term Relationships 2nd Edition:
Fully Revised and Updated with DSM-5 Criteria. ... Read more

$ 33.95
Asperger Syndrome And Adults... Is Anyone Listening?
Focusing on what is referred to as the Cassandra ... Read more

$ 22.95
Asperger Syndrome And Employment:
What People With Asperger Syndrome Really Really Want. Looking at ... Read more

$ 49.95
Asperger Syndrome And Employment:
A Personal Guide To Succeeding At Work DVD. Asperger Syndrome ... Read more

$ 24.95
Asperger Syndrome And Long-term Relationships
Ashley Stanford is married to a man with Asperger ... Read more

$ 26.95
Asperger Syndrome And Social Relationships:
Adults Speak Out About Asperger Syndrome. In this book, adults ... Read more

$ 20.95
Asperger Syndrome And Your Child: A Parent's Guide
Asperger's Syndrome and Your Child, an informative, empatheticand ... Read more

$ 59.95
Asperger Syndrome Employment Workbook:
An Employment Workbook For Adults With Asperger Syndrome. Through step-by-step ... Read more

$ 22.95
Asperger Syndrome For Dad:
Becoming An Even Better Father To Your Child With ... Read more

$ 21.95
Asperger Syndrome: A Love Story
Seeking to challenge the bad press that people with ... Read more

$ 21.95
Asperger's And Self-Esteem:
Insight And Hope Through Famous Role Models. The author of ... Read more

$ 21.50
Asperger's in Pink:
A Mother & Daughter Guidebook for Raising (or being) ... Read more

$ 28.95
Asperger's on the Job:
Must-have Advice for People with Asperger's or High Functioning ... Read more

$ 27.95
Asperger's Syndrome And Mindfulness:
Taking Refuge In The Buddha. Understanding who you are can ... Read more

$ 40.95
Asperger's Syndrome And Sexuality:
From Adolescence Through Adulthood. Playing the dating game is often ... Read more

$ 27.50
Asperger's Syndrome: A Guide For Parents And Professionals
The book provides a description and analysis of the ... Read more

$ 16.95
Aspergers Answer Book:
The Top 300 Questions Parents Ask. In a time when ... Read more

$ 28.95
The Asperkid's Launch Pad:
Homes That Empower Everyday Superheroes. In this unique book, Jennifer ... Read more

$ 27.95
An Aspie Girl's guide to Being Safe with Men:
The Unwritten Safety Rules No-One is Telling You. In this ... Read more

$ 29.95
Attacking Anxiety:
A Step-by-Step Guide to an Engaging Approach to Treating ... Read more

$ 27.95
Autism - Asperger's And Sexuality:
Puberty And Beyond. Many people on the spectrum never ... Read more

$ 21.95
Autism And Diet:
What You Need To Know. Today, we see a growing ... Read more

$ 20.95
Autism and the Extended Family:
A Guide for Those Outside the Immediate Family Who ... Read more

$ 27.95
Autism and the Stress Effect:
4-step lifestyle approach to transform your child's health, happiness ... Read more

$ 39.95
Autism And The Transition To Adulthood
Success Beyond the Classroom. Autism diagnoses in young children increased ... Read more

$ 11.95
Autism Early Intervention Fast Facts:
A Guide That Explains The Evaluations, Diagnoses, And ... Read more

$ 23.95
The Autism Mom's Survival Guide (for Dads, too!)
Creating a Balanced and Happy Life While Raising a ... Read more

$ 24.95
The Autism Revolution:
Whole-Body Strategies for Making Life All It Can Be. ... Read more

$ 27.95
Autism Spectrum and Depression
For people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), the stresses ... Read more

$ 42.95
The Autism Spectrum, Sexuality and the Law:
What every parent and professional needs to know. This book ... Read more

$ 29.95
Autism Tomorrow:
The Complete Guide to Help Your Child Thrive in ... Read more

$ 19.95
Autism: The Gift That Needs to Be Opened
Families, world experts, and persons on the autism spectrum ... Read more

$ 28.95
Autistic Logistics:
A Parent's Guide to Tackling Bedtime, Toilet Training, Tantrums, ... Read more

$ 31.95
Autistics' Guide To Dating:
A Book By Autistics, For Autistics And Those Who ... Read more

$ 22.95
Be Different: My Adventures with Asperger's
And My Advice for Fellow Aspergians, Misfits, Families, and ... Read more

$ 31.95
Been There, Done That. Try This!:
An Aspie's Guide to Life on Earth. The world's Aspie ... Read more

$ 23.95
A Beginner's Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorders
This short introduction is an ideal starting point for ... Read more

$ 26.95
Business For Aspies
This book explains exactly how those with Asperger Syndrome ... Read more

$ 22.95
Children with High Functioning Autism:
A Parent's Guide. This book offers parents the information needed ... Read more

$ 25.95
The Complete Guide to Finding A Job for Individuals with Asperger Syndrome
Finding a job is a confusing and anxiety-provoking process ... Read more

$ 20.95
Connecting With Your Asperger Partner
Drawing on her own experience of being married to ... Read more

$ 10.00
Cooking To Heal DVD and Workbook (Clearance)

$ 16.95
Could It Be Autism?:
A Parent's Guide to the First Signs and Next ... Read more

$ 19.95
Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time
Christopher Boone, the autistic 15-year-old narrator of this revelatory ... Read more

$ 19.95
Dasha's Journal: A Cat Reflects On Life, Catness And Autism
Just a few weeks old, Dasha the cat found ... Read more

$ 27.95
Decoding Dating:
A Guide to the Unwritten Social Rules of Dating ... Read more

$ 41.95
Developing Leisure Time Skills for People with Autism Spectrum Disorders (Revised & Expanded):
Practical Strategies for Home, School & the Community. This ... Read more

$ 30.95
Developing Talents:
Careers For Individuals With Asperger Syndrome And High-functioning Autism. Temple ... Read more

$ 10.99
Dibs In Search Of Self
Dibs will not talk. He will not play. He ... Read more

$ 32.95
Difficult Moments For Children And Youth With Autism Spectrum Disorders (DVD)
In this DVD, Brenda Smith Myles discusses the highlights ... Read more

$ 18.99
Does My Child Have Autism?
Parents know that if their child is somewhere on ... Read more

$ 29.95
Early Intervention And Autism:
Real-life Questions, Real-life Answers. In an easy-to-read, question-answer format, Dr. ... Read more

$ 23.95
An Early Start for Your Child with Autism:
Using Everyday Activities to Help Kids Connect, Communicate, and ... Read more

$ 19.95
Embracing Asperger's:
A Primer for Parents and Professionals. The book is packed ... Read more

$ 36.95
Everyday Heaven Journeys Beyond The Stereotypes Of Autism
Everyday Heaven is the much-awaited fourth installment in Donna ... Read more

$ 32.95
Everyday Solutions:
Guide For Families Of Children With Autistic Spectrum Disorders. This ... Read more

$ 16.50
Evidence of Harm:
Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic: A Medical ... Read more

$ 24.95
Finding Our Way
The latest in the Practical Solutions series. This book, ... Read more

$ 29.95
From Anxiety to Meltdown:
How Individuals on the Autism Spectrum Deal with Anxiety, ... Read more

$ 36.95
Nurturing The Spirit Of The Wild, Odd, And Oppositional ... Read more

$ 22.95
Girls Under The Umbrella Of Autism Spectrum Disorders:
Practical Solutions For Addressing Everyday Challenges. Co-authored by an experienced ... Read more

$ 37.95
Helping Adults with Asperger's Syndrome Get & Stay Hired:
Career Coaching Strategies for Professionals and Parents of Adults ... Read more

$ 20.95
Helping Your Child With Autism Spectrum Disorder
With this workbook, parents learn the latest and most ... Read more

$ 29.95
Hidden Curriculum of Getting and Keeping a Job:
Navigating the Social Landscape of Employment. A guide for ... Read more

$ 30.95
High-Functioning Autism and Difficult Moments
Practical Solutions for Reducing Meltdowns This book offers ... Read more

$ 22.95
Hitchhiking Through Asperger Syndrome
Written from a parent's perspective, this book gives a ... Read more

$ 21.00
How Do I Explain to Others What Is Happening with My Child?
Who will this book help? Those on the autism ... Read more

$ 29.95
How To Find Work That Works For People With Asperger Syndrome:
The Ultimate Guide For Getting People With Asperger Syndrome ... Read more

$ 26.95
How To Make School Make Sense:
A Parents' Guide To Helping The Child With Asperger ... Read more

$ 36.95
I Get It! (Social Thinking)
Building Social Thinking and Reading Comprehension Through Book Chats. ... Read more

$ 25.50
Impulsive Disorganized Child:
Solutions for Parenting Kids with Executive Functioning Difficulties. This ... Read more

$ 36.95
In-Sync Activity Cards:
50 Simple, New Activities to Help Children Develop Learn ... Read more

$ 38.95
Inside Out: (Social Thinking)
What Makes a Person with Social Cognitive Deficits Tick? ... Read more

$ 17.95
The Journal of Best Practices
Five years after David Finch married Kristen, the love ... Read more

$ 35.95
Just Take A Bite:
Easy, Effective Answers To Food Aversions And Eating Challenges. Is ... Read more

$ 27.95
The Kid-Friendly ADHD & Autism Cookbook
The best "kid-friendly" recipes and guide to the gluten-free, ... Read more

$ 52.95
Learning with a Visual Brain in an Auditory World:
Visual Language Strategies for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Even ... Read more

$ 24.95
Life and Love:
Positive Strategies for Autistic Adults. Written for adults on the ... Read more

$ 24.95
Living And Loving With Asperger Syndrome:
Family Viewpoints. For most people, family life means both love ... Read more

$ 29.99
Love Anthony
Olivia Donatelli’s dream of a “normal” life shattered when ... Read more

$ 23.95
Love, Sex And Long-term Relationships:
What People With Asperger Syndrome Really Really Want. Many people ... Read more

$ 28.95
Loving Push:
How Parents and Professionals Can Help Spectrum Kids Become ... Read more

$ 25.95
Loving Someone with Asperger's Syndrome:
Understanding and Connecting with Your Partner. If you're in a ... Read more

$ 16.00
Make Play ROCK: Plan For People Play
Building Early Social Communication Skills in Children with Autism ... Read more

$ 16.00
Make Play ROCK: Take Out The Toys
Take Out the Toys is the second booklet in ... Read more

$ 31.95
Making Sense Of Sex:
A Forthright Guide To Puberty, Sex And Relationships For ... Read more

$ 28.95
Making Sense Of The Unfeasible:
My Life Journey With Asperger Syndrome. Before he received his ... Read more

$ 19.95
Making Visual Supports Work in the Home and Community:
Strategies for Individuals with Autism and Asperger Syndrome. The importance ... Read more

$ 21.95
Managing Anxiety in People with Autism
Until Managing Anxiety in People with Autism, there has ... Read more

$ 37.95
Martian in the Playground:
Understanding the Schoolchild with Asperger's Syndrome. This award winning book ... Read more

$ 25.95
Mind/body Techniques For Asperger's Syndrome:
The Way Of The Pathfinder. People with Asperger's Syndrome (AS) ... Read more

$ 14.95
Fourteen-year-old Nathaniel Clark lives in two worlds—the outside world ... Read more

$ 54.00
More Than Words:
A Guide to Helping Parents Promote Communication and Social ... Read more

$ 30.95
Multicoloured Mayhem:
Parenting The Many Shades Of Adolescents And Children With ... Read more

$ 26.95
My Andrew:
Day-to-Day Living with a Child with an Autism Spectrum ... Read more

$ 28.95
My New School
Even the slightest change in routine can be overwhelming ... Read more

$ 23.95
Natural Genius:
The Gifts Of Asperger's Syndrome. In Natural Genius: The Gifts ... Read more

$ 11.95
NeuroTribes (Companion Book):
Key Takeaways, Analysis & Review. NeuroTribes: The Legacy of ... Read more

$ 25.00
The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity. ... Read more

$ 22.95
No Fighting, No Biting, No Screaming:
How to Make Behaving Positively Possible for People With ... Read more

$ 20.95
No More Meltdowns
Positive Strategies for Dealing with and Preventing Out-Of-Control Behavior ... Read more

$ 49.95
Nurturing Narratives:
Story-Based Language Intervention For Children With Language Impairments That ... Read more

$ 23.95
Online Safety for Children and Teens on the Autism Spectrum:
A Parent's and Carer's Guide. Children and teens with autism ... Read more

$ 22.95
Other Half of Asperger Syndrome (Autism Spectrum Disorder):
A Guide to Living in an Intimate Relationship with ... Read more

$ 20.95
Parent's Guide To Autism
Despite the tremendous need for parents of autistic children ... Read more

$ 26.95
Parent's Guide To High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder (Second Edition)
How to Meet the Challenges and Help Your Child ... Read more

$ 27.95
Parent's Guide to Occupational Therapy for Autism and Other Special Needs:
Practical Strategies for Motor Skills, Sensory Integration, Toilet Training, ... Read more

$ 25.95
Parent's Guide To Understanding And Responding to Bullying
This unique manual was developed to help parents assist ... Read more

$ 18.95
Parenting Your Asperger Child:
Individualized Solutions for Teaching Your Child Practical Skills. In Parenting ... Read more

$ 28.95
People With Autism Behaving Badly:
Helping People With ASD Move On From Behavioral And ... Read more

$ 24.95
Playing, Laughing And Learning With Children On The Autism Spectrum:
A Practical Resource Of Play Ideas For Parents And ... Read more

$ 26.95
Potty Journey:
Guide To Toilet Training Children With Special Needs, Including ... Read more

$ 16.95
Practical Solutions To Everyday Challenges for Children with Asperger Syndrome
In this charmingly illustrated book, Haley Myles gives simple, ... Read more

$ 49.95
Preparing for Life:
The Complete Guide for Transitioning to Adulthood for Those ... Read more

$ 23.95
Pretending to be Normal:
Living with Asperger's Syndrome. Compelling and witty, Liane Holliday Willey's ... Read more

$ 24.95
Raising A Child With Autism:
A Guide To Applied Behavior Analysis For Parent. Applied Behavior ... Read more

$ 30.95
Raising Cubby:
A Father and Son's Adventures with Asperger's, Trains, Tractors, ... Read more

$ 19.95
Reconnected Kids:
Help Your Child Achieve Physical, Mental and Emotional Balance. This ... Read more

$ 21.95
Right From The Start:
Behavioral Intervention for Young Children with Autism (2nd Edition). ... Read more

$ 19.95
The Rosie Project
The art of love is never a science: Meet ... Read more

$ 43.95
Rules and Tools for Parenting Children With Autism and Related Disorders:
Changing Behavior One Step at a Time. Step ... Read more

$ 20.95
Safety Skills for Asperger Women:
How to Save a Perfectly Good Female Life. This insightful ... Read more

$ 24.95
Secret Rules of Social Networking:
The one-of-a-kind resource outlines the unstated rules that guide ... Read more

$ 24.95
Self-Help Skills for People with Autism
Learning self-help skills--eating, dressing, toileting, and personal hygiene--can be ... Read more

$ 37.95
Self-Regulation Interventions and Strategies:
Keeping the Body, Mind & Emotions on Task in ... Read more

$ 27.95
Sex, Sexuality and the Autism Spectrum
Written by an 'insider', an openly gay autistic adult, ... Read more

$ 27.50
Sharing Information About Your Child With Autism Spectrum Disorder (w/CD)
This invaluable resource will help parents decide what information ... Read more

$ 20.95
Siblings and Autism:
Stories Spanning Generations and Cultures. In this collection of personal ... Read more

$ 53.95
Sleep Difficulties and Autism Spectrum Disorders
A Guide For Parents and Professionals. This comprehensive guide to ... Read more

$ 29.95
Social Rules for Kids:
The Top 100 Social Rules Kids Need to Succeed. ... Read more

$ 22.95
Social Skills For Teenagers And Adults With Asperger Syndrome:
A Practical Guide To Day-to-day Life. The author offers advice ... Read more

$ 33.95
Social Thinking at Work (Social Thinking)
For people with Social Thinking challenges, this book offers ... Read more

$ 33.95
Solutions For Adults With Asperger's Syndrome
There are a lot of books on how to ... Read more

$ 32.95
Solving Sleep Problems in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders:
A Guide for Frazzled Families. Solving Sleep Problems in ... Read more

$ 40.95
Special Diets for Special Kids:
Over 200 REVISED and NEW gluten-free casein-free recipes, plus ... Read more

$ 20.95
Special Needs SCHOOL Survival Guide:
Handbook for Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, Learning Disabilities ... Read more

$ 20.50
Special People, Special Ways
Arlene Maguire's delightful rhymes combine with Sheila Bailey's rich ... Read more

$ 25.95
T.I.P.S: Teaching Important Parenting Strategies:
Raising a Child With Limited Verbal Skills. This book is ... Read more

$ 13.95
Temple Talks about Autism and the Older Child
This book is part of the series Temple Talks. ... Read more

$ 25.95
There's A Boy In Here:
Emerging From The Bonds Of Autism. This is a view ... Read more

$ 19.00
Thinking in Pictures: (Expanded Edition)
My Life with Autism. In this unprecedented book, Grandin ... Read more

$ 28.95
Toilet Training For Individuals With Autism Or Other Developmental Issues, 2nd Edition
Toilet training can be a battleground for parents and ... Read more

$ 23.99
Understanding Autism For Dummies
Odd name - great book. Autism affects more ... Read more

$ 21.00
Unstrange Minds:
Remapping the World of Autism. When anthropologist Richard Grinker's ... Read more

$ 34.95
Unwritten Rules Of Social Relationships:
Decoding Social Mysteries Through The Unique Perspectives. Born with autism, ... Read more

$ 32.95
Visual Recipes:
A Cookbook For Non-Readers. This unique cookbook, written for individuals ... Read more

$ 22.95
Way I See It : A Personal Look At Autism
In this innovative book, Dr. Temple Grandin gets down ... Read more

$ 27.50
The Way I See It Revised:
A Personal Look at Autism & Asperger's: 32 New ... Read more

$ 29.95
What Men with Asperger Syndrome Want to Know About Women, Dating and Relationships
Many Asperger men are confused and bewildered by women, ... Read more

$ 18.95
What You Can Do Right Now To Help Your Child with Autism
This book gives you the best techniques you can ... Read more

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